Friday, February 8, 2013

Books to read on snowy days

Thinking of summer on a snowy day. . . 

I love the Unshelved cartoon -- a very funny and true look at library life.  On Fridays, they publish book reviews, one of which is the cartoon for the day.

Today's cartoon caught my eye because I loved Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle as a child.  One of the excellent adventures of my summer camp days was searching through the collection of old, donated books in the giant barn we used for rainy day activities.  The original Camp Fire Girls series from the turn of the 20th Century were there, as were the stories of Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle. Rest hours and rainy days were transformed through that collection, which was obviously donated and a very random collection -- I loved the treasure hunt through the dusty books.

Unshelved Friday February 8 2013

 This is the Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle I remember, but she's been updated  -- so look for the revised editions.

Powell's Bookstore in Portland, OR, has a great newsletter.  I've found books there I wouldn't have found anywhere else.  This is the list of both the customer's favorites of the year, plus the top fifty staff picks. I hope the snow storm doesn't last long enough for you to read all of them -- and I'm personally looking forward to reading on the beach.

2013 Puddly Awards Powell's Book Store

Random picture of the day -- early summer in Ireland.

Dunluce Castle County Antrim, Northern Ireland

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