Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Romance of Snow: A Wisconsin Photo Essay

Is snow romantic?

Watching snow fall is romantic, especially if you can do so in a location like Starved Rock State Park's lodge by the giant fireplace.  Watching the snow fall lazily towards the river, as I did one November day, is lovely.  Starved Rock State Park. Click on Seasons  

The snow falling outside my window right now is very beautiful, since my view is entirely of my giant fir tree and the swirling snow.   And the snow on cedars -- my neighbor's favorite plant -- is picturesque.
Playing in the snow can be lots of fun.  Especially if you are in a beautiful environment, like a  Wisconsin State Park   or in Door County, Wisconsin or in  Crested Butte, Colorado

Shoveling snow, however, while undoubtedly excellent aerobic exercise, is a little different from the romantic vision of snow. 
A long way to go    

Here we see the driveway halfway done, but, turning around. . .still a way to go, including the dreaded end of the driveway "plow snow".  While it is illegal to put your snow in the street, the plow can and will put the plow snow in your driveway -- and it will be compacted and full of ice chunks -- the bane of all those who use shovels or snow blowers.
Plow Snow

Plow snow: the closeup
Half the sidewalk

Remember the part about good exercise?  It is that, and you are well advised to remember what they told you in gym class about lifting with your legs, and not your back.  It is also true that there are many kinds of snow.  Today's snow was not too wet and therefore not too heavy.  The heavy wet snow is called "heart attack snow" for a reason.  
Sidewalk done

 Here are the "after" pictures:

Just as it begins to snow again. . . . 

It is lovely to watch the snow fall, and the second round of snow was the lightweight snow that sparkles as it falls, the star of many a moonlight on snow photograph.  It did not take very long for me to remove those final two inches
 I know that we cannot afford another drought year, and that we need the snow.  It is beautiful, as it falls, and when it is newly on the ground.  It will be good for all those "playing in the snow" businesses in this tourism dependent state, and  I enjoyed spending a lot of the day outside, and enjoyed the exercise.  You have to think about something while you're shoveling, and taking pictures is a good reason for a little rest break, so I worked on this post as I worked in the snow.  

What does winter mean to you?  Here are a few additional thoughts on Winter from


Anonymous said...

Great shoveling job!


Lakeshore Librarian said...

Thanks Steve!

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