Monday, August 12, 2013

Back to School

As teachers and paraprofessionals all over the county set up their classrooms, libraries, and learning spaces for  the upcoming  school year, let's take a minute to say,  "Thank You, educators, for doing a difficult job and educating our children.  We understand that our future depends on a well educated electorate and workforce, even if we don't have children in your school." 

Thank you for being there for your students -- supporting them not only in academics but in activities and interests in the arts, sports, and community service.

Thank you for coming in before school starts, often in the summer heat, to make sure that students have a positive learning environment and the beginning of the year is positive for everyone.

Thank you for the reading you did, classes you took, lesson plans you wrote and meetings you attended while you were off for the summer.

Thank you for being creative and compassionate and taking advantage of those teachable moments in every day.


If your community has a program like this one to help kids have the materials they need to be successful in school, consider donating or helping out.         KAN Cool for Back to School

Why do you want to thank a teacher?    Please add to the list in the comments!

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