Sunday, July 3, 2011

Web surfing

My nephew blogged a whole week in one day, in part because he was on a train without electric plugs.  As I fight to find the space in the library, the space in the coffee shop nearest the plug, or sit on the floor in an airport corridor next to a wall outlet, I wonder about a future where access to information is based on access to abundant and cheap electricity.

I spent all day online, including three hours of working at my online job, as well as several hours catching up on reading for my classes;  and I love having information at my fingertips.  An internet connection and books on my phone -- it's a librarian's dream come true.  BUT

I bought my textbooks in the 15th century portable information storage device format -- technology that has worked very well for me all my life [though there is a photograph of me as a 2 year old proudly holding my book -- upside down].  Just wondering. . .

However, I would have a Nook for a present, and I'll probably buy a few for my school library and see how it goes.  I know from the questions about how to download library ebooks that I'm fielding, the readers are popular.  Will they continue so?  Probably.  They are lighter to carry -- and so Star Trek!  e Reader Sales

Other interesting things I came across today:
Google +   Google Social Network beta
and the next thing you'll need if you're cool enough to have a Google+ invite How to actually delete your facebook page

Beyond bedtime.  How do people find the time to blog every day?  Sometimes all day every day?



Rachel Muchin Young said...

Just read an article about students enjoying the experience of reading a book because it was their only chance to unplug. Of course, it was only one article, but it did make sense. We are all overly connected. Holding a book in hand and turning the pages may be our only chance to interact without a digital feed. What do you think?

LaureNoel said...

This reminds me of a quote from Susan Orleans, "Ah, the smell of a new ebook!"

Gretchen said...

I know it makes me an old fuddy duddy, but I dread the day when we no longer savor the printed page. I'm still resisting the temptation of a Nook (which is the only one I'd buy, as I use the library so exclusively). I do however use my library card several times each week and devour books on trains, planes and at bedtime. Life would not be the same.

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