Saturday, July 16, 2011

"We been up nort'" Reprise from Guys and Does (imagine the music)

The advantage of going away is a new perspective.  I was able to be outside, which is always good, including camping, fires, swimming, and stargazing.   I was mostly cut off from the computer ( the wifi in the snack bar doesn't work when the wind is off the lake) so I was able to relax.  I did begin reading A Whole New Mind as well as 21st Century Curriculum and learned that I have a much greater comfort level with reading in print but that I also suffered computer withdrawal symptoms when people would ask things like "what's the weather going to be" and I would realize that my phone would only say "No Service". 

I now feel ready to tackle the work for my classes and for next school year.  I've gotten past just being hurt and angry, about the politics of school budgeting in Wisconsin, though I have not gotten over the need to work in the political process to change things.  On to working on my actual assignments (though this blogging project has been my favorite all summer).

"Umbical Cord II:   Nicolet Bay Snack Bar, Peninsula State Park, WI.  Missing from the photo -- the man charging his cell phone in the booth next to the outlet; he was not gracious about sharing the electricity and I didn't think he wanted to be in a picture. . .

Thanks to everyone who commented on my blog. . . please keep reading.  I've also discovered that I want the interactive experience -- I don't want to just be talking, I want to know what YOU think.

Bing, The Cherry Musical and Guys and Does were the two musicals I got to see at American Folklore Theater.  If you have a chance to get to Door County, I can't recommend them highly enough.  The songs still in my head:   "Work hard, Play harder" from Bing and "Up Nort'" from Guys and Does

Sven's Bluff, Peninsula State Park.  I saw a sea gull chase an eagle off the water in an apparent fishing territory dispute.  Overlooks


BumblePuppy said...

Door County is a great place! We have a condo there that we never get a chance to go to it seems!

Jenny said...

I can definitely tell that you are enjoying this blogging project. Love your pictures and hearing about all the places you are visiting (and doing your homework) I can't say that I am enjoying the project as much as you are, it seems that in the summer, my brain takes rest and I feel I just don't have so much to say (at least not anything that I think anyone would want to read about!) I also am not on my computer much in the summer and maybe that is why the blogging seems like such a chore. Now I know why I try to avoid taking summer classes, they really cut into relaxation time!

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Knowledge is not wisdom.
Wisdom is not truth.
Truth is not beauty.
Beauty is not love.
Love is not music.
Music is the best.
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