Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I've been getting my news on the tragedy in Norway from this website, Views and News from Norway, published by a woman I knew at Northwestern.  It is interesting to read most days -- I've been their Facebook Friend for some time -- but an important front line source in difficult times.

If you want to try for an international perspective in news, this site from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and this one from the Internet Public Library are useful.  The feature on "Today's Front Pages" from the Newseum in Washington, DC is fun as well as informative.    They don't replace a good collection of newspaper databases, but they do provide perspective that's sometimes lacking in our U.S. focused news reporting.

Where do you turn when something happens?  Where do you get your news each day?


Lauren Noel said...

Thanks for posting this, Amy! I've been a fan of Views and News from Norway for awhile, but never thought I'd be seeing news like this there. It is tragic.

Lakeshore Librarian said...

It is. I have heard from Nina Kay, and she and her husband are physically fine, though very tired (He's a journalist, too).
I hope we can move away from this hate thing soon.

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