Thursday, July 21, 2011

Future of Libraries -- or at least, Federal Support for Libraries

This was in my wikispaces inbox this morning -- if you go to the web site, you do have to sign in, but you can do so with a variety of IDs, including Google.  You have the opportunity to both create a comment on what you think the future direction of the institute should be, and to vote on the comments and ideas already posted.  

I think the library world sometimes becomes too inwardly focused, and is too quick to complain -- here's a chance to say what you think in a forum where you'll be heard.  Check it out.

From IMLS to members of imlsupnext   Jul 20, 2011 4:36 pm
Dear Colleague,

Did you know that there is an exciting conversation going on about future directions for the Institute of Museum and Library Services? On Friday, July 15 we launched to engage the public in discussions that will help to shape our next five-year strategic plan. Since Friday, over 90 people have joined in. They are sharing new ideas, voting to agree or disagree with ideas and providing comments. We will use this input to help develop our plan, which will provide a roadmap for future activities, help us communicate clearly and concisely about agency results, and provide for accountability.

We know the years ahead will be full of rapid change and we want your ideas about how we can carry out our statutory responsibility “to support museum, library, and information services to meet the information, education, research, economic, cultural, and civic needs of the people of the United States.”

So visit and participate. You may want to check on the conversation a few times during the coming weeks to see new ideas and add your comments. The site will be open for business until August 12, 2011.

I hope that you will participate and share this message with your networks.


Susan H. Hildreth
Director, Institute of Museum and Library Services

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Keith Schroeder said...

Thanks for sharing!

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