Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Calling for more media literacy: Who will teach it?

I just read Why Core Standards Must Embrace Media Literacy from Education Week.  This is a good article on the need for media literacy and information literacy instruction.  I agree, and find it problematic that it seems to fly in the face of school districts eliminating or cutting the hours of school librarians.  The common core standards actually align fairly well with the AASL Standards and the ISTE Standards.  Information literacy and 21st Century learning is what teacher librarians teach.  We've been doing it for a long time, constantly adapting to new technology and new ways of learning.  However, when positions are cut or eliminated, we don't have the opportunity to interact with students and faculty, and it is difficult to maintain these standards.   


Pam Hansen said...

I so agree, Amy. Cutting hours and combining positions makes our jobs so much harder. You wouldn't believe what some school districts are expecting these days. since I am job hunting, I am seeing some of the worst ideas out there. I don't know who could supervise 9 elementary libraries, doing all the ordering etc. and still have time to teach the students in all nine? But there is a district in Wisconsin wanting that. How can you possibly collaborate with the teachers if you can only be in their building once every two weeks? Research states that the students learn more from teachers they know and like, but how can you get to know your students on those time constraints? Most of the open positions have the LMS in more than one building. I don't mind two buildings, but more than that is pushing it.

Lakeshore Librarian said...

I agree, Pam. I especially like the quote about students needing to know and like you -- relationships are so important, and it is hard to know how to create them. I'm trying to "work smarter, not harder" but there are still limits to the number of hours in the day.

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